Suter's Produce

Home of the famous Strawberries, Sweetcorn, and Corn Maze & Cider Press in Pandora, OH!

Summertime is Sweet Corn Time!

Fresh picked Mon-Sat by our wonderful family of workers!


Picking Sweetcorn

Our team of local high school and college students work hard in the early hours everyday to pick the best tasting sweet corn available!


Red Barn Markets

Our fresh picked produce is driven directly from our farm to each of our Red Barn Markets every morning.

Madilyn eating sweetcorn


Fresh sweet corn…it just doesn’t get any better!

COOKING instructions for Suter’s Sweetcorn!

  • One important rule of thumb to remember is most people tend to overcook their sweetcorn.  It is much better undercooked instead of overcooked!  We like to eat it raw!!


  • Fill a pot with water.  Bring water to a boil.  Insert husked ears of corn in to boiling water. (Water will stop boiling temporarily)  When the water starts to boil again after the ears are inserted, wait another 1-3 minutes and remove the corn.


  • These instructions are based on 4 ears of corn.  For other quantities figure on 1-2 minutes per ear of corn.  Place 4 husked ears on a plate and cook 4 minutes.  Turn the plate 180 degrees, roll the ears to the other side and cook about 4 minutes.  Carefully remove the corn.  It will be VERY hot.


  • Leave all husks on the corn.  Place it on the open coals or grill.  Cook the corn on one side until husk starts to appear black, then turn the corn over and repeat procedure.

FREEZING instructions for Suter’s Sweetcorn!

Method 1  

  • Bring large pot of water to a boil.  Take husk and silks off the corn while water is heating.  Put ears of corn in the water for 3-5 minutes.  Take the corn out of the hot water and immediately place it in ice water to cool it quickly.  Let corn drain off extra water after it cools.  Cut off the corn into a large bowl. 
  • BAGGING:  Place 1-2 cups corn (as desired for your family) in quart size freezer zip bags.  Squeeze extra air out of the bag and seal.  Mark the bag with date and place flat in freezer—1 layer high until frozen.  To use: just thaw, heat and eat!  If you freeze corn that tastes great now—it will be delicious when you are ready to eat it later! A special treat for Thanksgiving and Christmas meals!

Method 2

  • Husk corn and clean off the silks.  Cut off the corn kernels into a large bowl.  Use an electric skillet or stove top skillet to heat about 4 cups cut off corn with 2 T. water.  Heat corn 3-5 minutes in hot skillet.  Remove corn from hot skillet into medium bowl.  Place whole bowl of hot corn into ice water to cool.  Do not let water get into the bowl with the corn.  Stir occasionally until cool.  See bagging instructions above…