Suter's Produce

Home of the famous Strawberries, Sweetcorn, and Corn Maze & Cider Press in Pandora, OH!

Farming Practices

At Suter Produce, we believe it is important for you to know where your food comes from and how it is grown.               
           Most of our sweet corn is being grown on cover crops to maintain the biodiversity within the soil and prevent topsoil erosion. We use a combination of cover crops and conventional fertilizers in our fertility program.   Many of our vegetables are grown with the new biodegradable plastic mulch, so there is no waste for the landfill.              
Suter Produce understands that consumers are being more cautious about how their food is grown and the use of pesticides. We use some herbicides for better weed control and spray insecticides and fungicides in minimal amounts, and only when necessary. None of our fruits and vegetables are GMO.
            We believe in the importance of eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables as a healthy way of living. We want to thank you for supporting local farmers and our hard working high school and college students.
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Cover Crop