Sweet Corn Season is Here!

We are now picking sweet corn Monday - Saturday and it is delicious!

We are open Mon. - Sat. 10am at the following Red Barn Markets:

  • 721 North Cable Road, next to Westgate Lanes Bowling Alley
  • 1378 Bellefontaine Avenue, next to Kewpee's East
  • 1400 North Main Street, corner of Main St. & SR 224 (next to Heavenly Pizza)
  • East Tiffin Avenue, next to Panera Bread
  • Just North of the intersection of SR 224 and SR 65
  • Rte. 67 North, by Sherwin Williams
  • 492 St. Route 103, in front of the Circle K Marathon Station, by Springfield Fireworks
  • Bellefontaine St. (just west of Wal Mart)

** We have fresh picked sweet corn, tomatoes, peaches and honey available at each market.

Square Credit Card Payments
*We are now able to accept Credit Cards at all of our Red Barn Markets.

*Join our email list by:
1.) email us at SuterProduce@yahoo.com
2.) put "email list" in the subject line
3.) add your Home zip code or name Red Barn Market that is most convenient for you to visit.

** You can also get updated information about our farm by following us on Facebook.

Thank You!



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