Sweet Corn Season is Here!

We are now picking the first sweet corn of the season and it is delicious!

As we are just starting out the summer season we are not able to be open at all of our Red Barn Market locations yet. The supply of sweet corn will increase in the near future and then we will be able to open more of our Markets.

At 10 am Monday July 13th, we will be open at the following locations:

Lima -- The Cable Road Stand (in front of Westgate Bowling Alley)

Findlay -- The Red Barn Market on Tiffin Ave. (next to Panera Bread)

Ottawa -- The Red Barn Market at SR 224 & SR 65 (just North of the intersection)

Bluffton -- The Red Barn Market on SR 103 (next to the Circle K Gas Station)

** We have fresh picked sweet corn, tomatoes, peaches and honey available at each market.


Square Credit Card Payments
*We are now able to accept Credit Cards at all of our Red Barn Markets.

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Thank You!



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